I own a cafe. How do I get your stuff?

Ahab Shipping is a local Seattle distribution company that delivers Little Rae’s products to our wholesale customers. This allows our bakers to be bakers and keeps them off the streets.

Ahab’s Minimum is now $40 +$5 delivery fee.  Free Delivery when ordering $75 or more (in most areas).

If you would prefer to pick up from us, that can certainly be arranged.

Can I get a sample? 

Of course! We would love to bring you a sample and chat with you about what you’re looking for. Give us a call or send us an email to set up an appointment: 206-658-2167  or send us an inquiry.

Can I get a delivery?

The map below shows the neighborhoods Ahab Shipping currently delivers to in the Greater Seattle area.

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Ahab ShippingKapow!

Ahab Shipping puts Little Rae’s goodies, along with other great local products, on the same truck. This helps bakers, coffee roasters, and sandwich wizards focus on what they do best. Ahab Shipping serves local independent businesses that need fresh food and cool stuff delivered to their doors. Check them out!