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Power to the Pastry!

Blueberry Scone for the everyday citizenThe rumors are true! You don’t have to be a café, eatery, or grocery store to get our goodies. You can order through our website and have your treats shipped straight to your door.

Also, if you are an everyday citizen living in the Seattle area and need nut-free treats for a party or just need to stock your freezer, you can place an order with our friendly staff and pick it up from our wholesale bakery in south Seattle.

We know it’s old school, but we’re really nice to talk to on the phone. And when you come, you can take a peek inside the cookie factory—just as long as you follow our nut safety protocol!

Just give us a call: 206-658-2167

no nuts allowed stickerIf you’re bringing our treats to a school, day care, or other nut-free environment, we will happily seal your boxes with our “NO NUTS ALLOWED” sticker. This will assure teachers, principals, and parents that your box of goodies is safe to eat. And you’ll be the perfect, “I thought of everything” host!

What our Fans say…

“The crunchy sugared tops of the brightly colored cookies are like party diamonds in my mouth!”
– Treena Colby

“Little Rae’s are probably the tastiest and cutest shortbread cookies in the world!”
-Liza Burke