A Personal Story

  A Personal Story

James Morse

James Morse-Founder, Little Rae's Bakery

Like a growing number of our population, I am allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and have been since I was a child. My allergy is so sensitive that I am unable to try most bakery products—even the smallest amount of residual nut can send me to the hospital. Most of the reactions I have suffered have been due to inadvertently touching some peanut or nut residue and then touching my mouth or eating something by hand like a bagel or slice of pizza. The point of contamination may have been as unthreatening as a doorknob that had recently been touched by someone who had eaten peanuts.

Prior to becoming a dedicated nut-free facility, we used what we called “Peanut Butter Protocol” at Little Rae’s Bakery. With the dedicated efforts of our staff of bakers, I successfully lived through 12 years of producing peanut butter cookies, walnut scones, and other nut-filled goods, and have eaten our other products daily (mostly Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies). However, even with strict precautions, there was always a chance that some cross-contamination could occur.

In July 2008, when we eliminated all nuts and peanuts from our baking facility, I could not only come to work each day with a huge sigh of relief, but I realized that feeling could be extended to others who suffer from the same allergy or have a little one whose sensitivity is as severe as mine. With this in mind, I hope you enjoy our treats and encourage you to try the many varieties we offer.

-James Morse
Owner, Little Rae’s Bakery

What our Fans say…

“Thank you for being so nut conscientious! I’m a mother of a peanut allergy toddler and am so thankful my munchkin can enjoy beautiful baked goods from your bakery! We were so excited to be able to take some of your heart cookies into her pre-school class for a party! It’s a wonderful way to include everyone! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!”

– Brooke Raymond

“Free, free at last to eat a cookie without fear. Local bakery that is nut and dye conscientious! Both are deadly to a family member and rare is it to find a sweet treat that addresses both. Thank You.”

-JeanNette Sharrai