Kid Power

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Creative Kids are Powerful Kids

Okay, now that the adults have all left the room, this page is for you. That’s right, we’re looking for creative kids to share their nut allergy stories and why they like goodies from Little Rae’s Bakery. Tell us about the first time you were able to eat a cookie, muffin, scone, or other Little Rae’s goodies that were safe. How did it feel? Were you excited? What did you eat? What would you say to other kids who have a nut allergy? Be creative! Show your Kid Power!

Thank You Megan Chow for your wonderful letter and note! So glad you had a great 10th birthday!megan-chow-noteMegan-Chow-letter_web


Here’s a book from Olivia who went on a tour of Little Rae’s Bakery with her mom while she was visiting Seattle from the East Coast. She is our inspiration for starting our new No Nuts Allowed Art Gallery!

How to get in our gallery

Just send us something creative you’ve made (because we really like handmade things here), like a card, a poster, a poem, a story, a drawing, or anything else, and we’ll put it in our exclusive No Nuts Allowed Art Gallery.

To submit something, include a piece of paper with your name, address, and an email address from your mom or dad on it. We’ll contact you and let you know when you can see your artwork in our gallery. Send it to:

Little Rae’s Bakery
309 S. Cloverdale St. – #D47
Seattle, WA 98108  USA