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hand-with-shamrockHow We Make Our Goodies…

Humans, robots, and real food are employed to make your food here at Little Rae’s. Let’s learn a little more about them.


The people working at Little Rae’s are respected for the work they do and the community they create. We’re not saying our parking lot is kumbaya and hula hoops every night, but we have trust, respect, and really enjoy our team.


Not long from now robots will have rights and a voice in our culture. Since there’s no telling when we will update our website, we figure we better start paying respect now.

Robo-RiscoThe RISCO 4001 (Wrist Saver 4001)

Once a classic rocker from the 80’s, the original stumpy wonder couldn’t moon walk, but it can scoop a scone every second for an hour! Now new and improved, this digital Iron Man can blast them out faster than a dot matrix printer!



Bowl Lifter

This show-off can lift 400 pounds of bowl and batter like it was nothing. This Lifter has aspirations—to run for governor of a warm state and fall in love with an old telex machine.


All natural. What a loaded term. In fact, all legal classifications of food quality are suspect. We promise we’ll do our best to buy high quality, locally sourced ingredients that have been grown on a responsible farm and have not been processed in a foul way.

Our advice: always be suspect and use your head when shopping, eating, and voting.

For your convenience, our ingredients are listed in the product pages of the What We Make section. Look for this symbol.

ingredient info symbol

“My son recently declared these the best sugar cookies he ever had. Thanks Little Rae’s, for making delicious nut free treats and for being so accommodating to our small retail order. I can’t wait until you ship! I’m already missing the lemon poppy seed scones!”

-Facebook Fan