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The Little Rae’s Bakery online gift box store is now open! Get your favorite treats delivered in style. Our best goodies packed in beautiful, strong gift boxes. You can even order our signature, “No Nuts Allowed!” t-shirts for kids! Share the news on Facebook or Pin us on your Pinterest boards!

4th of july

Patriot Pack

The patriots may have declared independence from Britain, but we say, celebrate individuality with this glittering red, white, and blue star pack. Our Patriot Pack is picnic perfect.

Nut-Free Bakery Shortbread Cookies

No Nuts Allowed!

The only thing nutty in our place is our crazy ideas. Find out what we mean when we say we’re a peanut and nut-free bakery and why our approval comes from the highest of authorities…moms and dads!

Little Rae’s Bakery